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Be Your Own Boss

New Year, New Opportunity. Tired of working for somebody else? Make a change... Let's talk to us!

This is your opportunity to be your own boss, and control your own destiny!




Take Yourself to The Next Level 


Wisdom Cleaning® are commercial cleaning experts, recognised brands and offering a range of services to businesses operating in a wide variety of sectors. Established in 2011, Wisdom Cleaning® has quickly become synonymous with quality service and consistently exceptional results, a reputation which has seen the company expand and evolve rapidly. A Wisdom Cleaning® franchise provides an operators with the chance to join a thriving business with a reputation for excellence, backed by a system proven to generate exceptional results.

This is your opportunity to become involved in this thriving business; your chance to join the Wisdom Cleaning® team, be your own boss, and control your own destiny!



Becoming a Wisdom Cleaning® licensee is a lifestyle choice - the choice to dictate your own teams, determine your own success, and reap the rewards of your own efforts.

Whether it's financial independence of a better work/life balance you're after, joining the Wisdom Cleaning® team will provide you with all the opportunities you could wish for. Perfect for solo operators, husband and wife teams of partnerships, you'll control when and how you work. You'll reap rewards when you work hard, and have the flexibility to arrange your working day to your unique requirements. Becoming your own boss is an empowering, fulfilling experience, and that's exactly what becoming a Wisdom Cleaning licensee will allow you to do. Began your journey now.

Becoming your own boss is an empowering, fulfilling experience.

Our Confidence, Your Peace of Mind



The Licensee System 

Wisdom Cleaning®'s Licensee structure has evolved over the years as the owners of the business have discovered new and innovative ways to assist and support the licensees.

The licensee System is a structure designed to minimise risk and increase success for those investing in Wisdom Cleaning. It calls upon tried-and-tested principles that have been proven to develop strong, profitable, brands, creating a structure that supports the individual license holders and drives progressive development.


Key features of Wisdom Cleaning®'s Licensee System include:

> A strong, prominent presence in the market

> A solid reputation which leads to ongoing business

>Highly effective support networks and systems

A structure that supports the licensee holder and drives progressive development




The best of both worlds 

There are two different options for investing in Wisdom Cleaning® - 'Guaranteed Income' and Licensed Owner', ensuring we can offer a solution to meet your specific circumstances. Regardless of the approach you choose you'll get the best of both worlds, having the freedom to manage and run your own business, with the backing and support pf a strong, established brand.

Guaranteed Income

This involves puchasing a license, and then making an investment based on what you can afford, and what you'd like to earn! You'll choose how much you'd like to make on a monthly basis, with your management fees adjusted accordingly. We'll guarantee that income, sourcing all the work you need to generate that level of income each month. We'll invoice the clients, chase any late payments and handle all the administration- all you need to do it is turn up and do the work!

Licensed Owner

As a licensed owner you'll simply purchase your licence and then grow your own business, benefitting from the experience, advice, and market reach of the Wisdom Cleaning team, and the highly effective systems and procedures we've developed over the years.

What will it cost? 

Becoming a part of the Wisdom Cleaning® team is more affordable than you might think, while the rewards for those who work hard can be considerably greater than you can imagine!

A Wisdom Cleaning® Licence costs $16,800+GST, and you can become involved with just 50% deposit of this amount. We enjoy a fantastic relationship with several major banks and lending groups, and can provide assistance when it comes to funding the purchase of your license.

Controlling your business 

As a Licensee the power really is in your hands. It's your business, and the success you achieve will be directly proportionate to the time, energy and effort you put into it.

As a Wisdom Cleaning® licensee you'll control your business. You can choose which jobs you accept and which you decline, with the money you earn directly reflecting the time and effort you put in- the harder you work, the bigger the financial gains will be. Those who prove themselves will be rewarded with priority jobs, ensuring you'll never again feel the frustration of working hard for little or no return.


The Wisdom Cleaning group is a family; a team, where each individual licensee's performance contributes to the success of the company as a whole.

The beauty of being involved in a system like ours is that you're never alone! We provide full training and ongoing support, available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll show you how to teach your staff the techiques and processes we've refined over the years, and provide stadardised uniforms and business cards to get you started.

We're also able to recommed insurers and accountants so you can surround yourself with the very best, while our culturally diverse team can help those new to New Zealand navigate the challenges involved in setting up a business in a foreign country.

For those who choose the 'Guaranteed Option' Licensee we'll also source all your clients for you, providing assurance and peace of mind which is seldom available in business opportunities such as this.


Ensuring Success 

Every operator is responsible for maintaining the reputation Wisdom Cleaning has established, with straightforward systems ensuring consistency across the entire company.

The success of our entire operation is intrinsically linked to the quality of the service we provide. Ensuring each of our operators consistently maintains the most exacting standards is paramount, which is why we pour so much time and energy into training, support and ongoing development.

And of course, we constantly offer feedback and advice about how to get the most out of your business, freely sharing the lessons we've learned over numerous years in the industry.

The small details can have a huge impact on your position in the market, and we always remind our licensees to:

  • Communicate with your clients. Transparency is a vital aspect of our business, and one of the key reasons we enjoy such productive, long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Always wear your Wisdom Cleaning uniform- It's a walking advertisement for the brand!
  • Keep your Wisdom Cleaning vehicle clean and presentable - it's a highly visible asset, and contributes to your appearance as a tidy, organised professional.
  • Bring along ALL the equipment and products you need to do a good job- you never know what you might encounter, so make sure you're prepared!
  • Answer your phone and respond to enquiries promptly and politely.


Ultimate Value, Quality Assured.