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Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of employees and customers is our top priority. The company is committed to providing a safe working environment. Health and safety training is compulsory for all staffs. 

Hazard identification
health and safetyThe policy requires staff to identify any potential hazard and document the actions taken to deal with it. Hazard identification sheets are checked daily and any identified hazards must be reported immediately to the supervisor or operations manager so they can be eliminated.

Accidents and incidents
safety-firstAll employees are required to ensure accidents, incidents and near misses are reported and recorded. An injury register that is on each work site must be completed in full by the injured person or a person acting on his or her behalf for: 

  1. Every injury – no matter how minor and regardless of whether or not the injury results in a claim
  2. Serious near misses 

Corrective action
Following discussion with the manager and the health and safety representative, practical corrective measures must be detailed to ensure non-recurrence of accidents and incidents. If necessary a rehabilitation programme of corrective actions will be implemented.


We are the only commercial cleaning company commitment to health and safety SiteWise Green.